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30XA/V-ZE Luftgekühlte Flüssigkeitskühler

Nominale Kühlleistung 300-1.100 kW

  • At the forefront of innovative technology.
  • Carrier has been working over the past years on selecting the right refrigerant for the future and has now taken the lead in introducing the next generation of refrigerants on screw units: PUREtec™.
  • With PUREtec, Carrier offers a range of new customized solutions using a refrigerant with zero impact on the ozone layer and nearly zero global warming potential: HFO R-1234ze.
  • All the reliability, efficiency, adaptability of the AquaForce range combined with PUREtec refrigerant: HFO R-1234ze.
  • -Nearly zero global warming potential
    -Zero impact on the ozone layer
    -Support HFC phase-down plan in Europe.

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