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42SI Slim Fan Coil

The new generation in water terminals

With a discreet and elegant design, the new IDROFAN SLIM terminal unit by Carrier harmonizes in every space and covers every need.

Available in 5 sizes as hidden or visible type for mounting on the ceiling or floor.

Provides optimal comfort in both new and renovated buildings.

  • Elegant design with slim dimensions
  • High efficiency with low energy consumption
  • Low noise level

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    Andere Produkte

    Crystal Ultra Clean Plus

    • UV-Lampe
    • Dreifache Filterwirkung: Kältekatalysator, negatives Ion, Vitamin C
    • 3D-Luftstrom
    • „Der Wind meidet mich“
    • Leiser Modus ~ 18 dB(Α)
    • Energieeffizientes Modell mit einem SEER bis 7,4
    • Ionisatorfilter
    • WiFi-Standard

    42GR Luftbehandlungs-Module

    Nominale Kühlleistung 3,1 kW und Heizleistung 2,9-3,5 kW.